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MLP- tongue twister MEP (OPEN)

MLP- tongue twister MEP (OPEN) #1
MLP- tongue twister MEP (OPEN) #2 MLP- tongue twister MEP (OPEN) #2 MLP- tongue twister MEP (OPEN) #4

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Since this is my first my little pony mep then i will pretty much acsept everybody who will follow these rules.

Pass: mep
use a lyric, and make sure its right
Use videos from the show, no toys.
You can use female ponies for the male that is singing, dosent matter.
no watermark of the program you are using.
have your username in the corner.
ill check your channel to see how you edit.
1 ship per part, if you have two parts use diffrent ships, only ponies!
you can have max 3 parts
2 see if you read the rules the pass is : yay meps!
Upload your part on youtube and write my username in the description so i will find your part
make your part longer than its says in the video so that i dont need to slow your part.

Ship you will use:
When you will start making the part:

intro: mine
1. soccer tune
2. Mlp fashie
3.DJ- Ann pie
4. Dj- Ann pie
5. whiterose21
6. whiterose21
7. HashtagPlayz//HastagTDM
8. Ma sparkle
9. Arina fox
10.Arina fox
11.MLP Starz TM
12.MLP Starz TM
14.Sonia DrawingTM
15: loving angel
16: honoka chan
17: yni chan studio
18: yni chan studio
19:xxchat whitenorxx
20: sweetblaze the rosesunny

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