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Top 10 Tanks in the Modern World [HD]-2016 (Videos)

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That is my opinion. What is yours?

The Armata is a new Russian main battle tank project. Sometimes it is referred as T-14. Its development commenced in 2011. The Armata was developed as a replacement to the cancelled T-95. The whole project was kept in high secrecy. First mock-up was revealed to Russian military officials in 2013. Trials commenced in 2014. The new MBT was first publicly revealed in 2015. A first batch of 12 to 32 tanks will be delivered in 2015. It seems that these tanks were built mainly for parades. However full-scale production could begin soon. It is planned that Armata will replace the ageing T-72 and T-80 with T-90 that become out-dated.
The Armata is a new-generation tank. It has little in common with the current T-90. Exact technical specifications of this MBT remain classified.
It has been reported that this main battle tank is operated by a crew of only 2 men, including commander and driver. If it is true, so far it is the only MBT to have such a small crew. Older Russian tanks have a crew of 3. While most Western MBTs have a crew of 4. Reduction of the crew to just 2 men allowed to reduce crew compartment, overall the size of the vehicle and improve protection.
The Armata might be one of the most protected MBTs in the world. It has been reported that it has newly-developed armor, made of steel, ceramics and composite materials. Also it has been reported that Armata has a Malakhit add-on explosive reactive armor of new generation. As usual this MBT is fitted with NBC protection and automatic fire suppression systems. It has been reported that Armata will be fitted with new Afganit active protection system. It seems that it also has a new countermeasures system that reduces the chance of being hit by enemy ATGW with semi-automatic guidance. This new Russian tank uses smoke grenade dischargers of new type.
It has been reported that crew members are seated in a well protected armored capsule. It is separated from automatic loader and ammunition. The tank has improved resistance to damage. It can fight even with penetrated armor, as far as the crew cell is intact.
It was reported that Armata wil be armed with a 2A82 125-mm smoothbore gun. It has improved ballistics comparing with a 2A46M gun of the T-90 MBT. The gun is mounted in unmanned turret and is completed with an autoloader. This tank will be capable of firing gun-launched anti-tank guided missiles in the same manner as ordinary rounds. These missiles have a range of about 5 km and can also target low-flying helicopters.
The Armata MBT is fitted with new fire control system. The tank has a hunter-killer capability. It is also equipped with a battlefield management system.
It has been reported that this new main battle tank is powered by an A-82-2 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 1 200 hp. It is a new-generation engine that is much more compact than previous Russian tank engines. Engine is located at the rear. The Armata tank has 7 roadwheels of new type.
From the earliest stages the Armata was designed to be a versatile platform for a whole host of armored vehicles. Self-propelled artillery system, heavy IFV, armored recovery vehicle, self-propelled howitzer, heavy flamethrower system, engineering vehicle, self-propelled air-defense vehicle and other support machines will be based on this platform.

The T-90 is a Russian third-generation main battle tank that is essentially a modernisation of the T-72B, incorporating many features of the T-80U (it was originally to be called the T-72BU, later renamed to T-90). It is currently the most modern tank in service with the Russian Ground Forces and Naval Infantry. Although a development of the T-72, the T-90 uses a 125mm 2A46 smoothbore tank gun, 1G46 gunner sights, a new engine, and thermal sights. Standard protective measures include a blend of steel, composite armour, smoke mortars, Kontakt-5 explosive-reactive armour, laser warning receivers, Nakidka camouflage and the Shtora infrared ATGM jamming system. The EMT-7 electromagnetic pulse (EMP) creator has been used in testing but not fitted to T-90s in active service.It is designed and built by Uralvagonzavod, in Nizhny Tagil, Russia. Since 2011, the Russian armed forces have ceased ordering the T-90, and are instead waiting for the development of the Armata Universal Combat Platform that is expected to enter service in 2016.

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