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WHITE NOISE | Car Sounds | Driving

WHITE NOISE | Car Sounds | Driving #1
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The white noise of a driving car can be very relaxing for you or your baby. Car driving white noise and other similar car sounds are great for masking unwanted external sounds, making them the perfect ally for study, sleep, stress relief and meditation.

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White noise supplies all frequencies in the spectrum of human hearing, making it an incredibly effective tool for blocking surrounding sounds. The sound blocking quality of white noise is the key to better study and better sleep.

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I'm CJ and I am an Australian YouTuber who makes White Noise, Relaxing Music, Meditation, Binaural Beats and ASMR videos. You can use our video playlists to aid sleep, study, stress-relief or meditation. It is my passion to design resources that help people who suffer from sleep deprivation, anxiety, stress or depression.

Our relaxation playlists are designed to be overlaid to create your own personalised relaxing soundscapes. You can play three white noise videos at the same time for a more interesting sound or overlay white noise, binaural beats and relaxing music videos at the same time for an extremely relaxing soundscape!


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